Austin Moon

Austin Moon is a 16-year old singer and exchange student from Miami. He was transferred to Whitechapel for a three year school exchange program together with his girlfriend, Ally Dawson.

Ally Dawson

Ally Dawson is a 15-year old shy and talented girl from Miami. She is transferred to the town of Whitechapel with her boyfriend, Austin Moon, for a three year school exchange program.

Ethan Morgan

Ethan Morgan is a geeky and sci-fi loving younger teenager who along with his best friend Benny, had discovered that his babysitter was a Vampire. He is also a Seer. He develops feelings for Sarah and starts to make his move. He becomes close with Austin and Ally very fast.


Sarah is the babysitter of Ethan and Jane Morgan. She is a full vampire after saving Ethan's life. She becomes official best friends with Erica after being a full-fledged vampire. She cares very much for Ethan, which may be a sign that she has feelings for him. She becomes close with Austin and Ally.

Benny Weir

Benny Weir is Ethan's loud and goofy best friend. He often gets into trouble with his antics. He is a spellmaster. Even though he is not serious in most situations, he helps Ethan and Sarah in many ways, like using his spells when they are in need. He has a crush on Erica.